T Rodriguez
Front-end Web Developer

Main Projects

A mystery solving game best suited for tablet or laptop play and is crafted from scratch using HTML and CSS and functionality incorporated via Javascript. Search for clues and beat the clock
to find out if, indeed, The Butler Did It...
Have a party? Want to go to a party? This full stack (with: Rena Banka) app utilizes Skeleton, Node.js, Gulp, SQL and is created to address your gathering needs. You can create, attend and even upload a picture for the fun of it! Github link
This full stack app utilizes Materialize, Angular, Node.js with Express, Ruby with Sinatra and SQL to answer those most urgent needs. Conveniently, find the nearest restroom through our nifty map via Potty Check with: Jennifer Brown and Traci Williams
The first iteration of my portfolio was created from scratch using HTML, CSS and media queries to make it more responsive. I've learned alot since...to compare the difference and progress between iterations...look here

A Growing Collection of Exercises to Build on Skills

To Be Continued...
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”~Benjamin Franklin